Specialised LPG software

GAS ONE has introduced first in India, a Unique software for our Distributors and End customers called as Cylinder Accounting Tracking and Ordering Software(CATS)

  • Every single cylinder in market will have its own code through QR coding.
  • Every cylinder through filling plants and distributors will be scanned and accounted with which entire Distributor activity will be recorded and business will be peaceful and hassle free.
  • Our END customers can easily order LPG cylinders through an Application , scan the filled cylinders when received and scan empty cylinders while giving and enter the amount given.
  • This software informs us timely as when we Cylinders need to be retested and replaced.
  • This software bans the usage of our cylinders anywhere in illegal ways.
  • Our End customers and Distributors can easily keep track of entire transactions happened every day to day basis.