How GAS ONE is Reliable LPG partner

  • Advanced and high capacity LPG filling plants at strategic locations.

  • GPS enabled delivery vehicles and even GPS services to Distributors for their vehicle tracking.

  • Every activity from LPG filling plant till END customer place is as per Authorised Government Statuotary norms given by PESO(Petroleum Safety Explosive Organisation)

  • CATS(Cylinder accounting and Tracking System) software – This is first software in India , where all our customers can easily keep entire tracking of Cylinders in and out .

  • All cylinders are made as per International standards hence we ensure those are timely re-tested and also we ensure no rusted cylinder is going in market.

  • Our Sales Division staff and Engineering division staff are highly trained . Sales staff have will always be at our Distributor and Customers end to ensure the safety.

GAS ONE as preffered LPG brand due to following:

  • Promoting proper Industry Standards and well implemented PESO norms.

  • Adoption of Adequate Industry design standards and codes of practices

  • Use of Proper Materials and good Management Techniques.

  • Use of highly qualified and trained contractors.

  • Proper planning and storage of LPG cylinders and supply.

  • A thorough Understanding of staff skills and job requirements.

  • Adopting fit for Purpose product specifications.

  • Regular checking of product specifications and Upgrading as per requirement.

  • Programmed maintenance , audits, inspections and assessment of critical assets.

  • Keeping a close control of the distribution chain ,monitoring and auditing.