Bulk Installations.

Bullet Storage on turnkey Basis as per the rules & regulations stipulated by Explosive Norms & Statutory Requirement.

There are three types of bulk installations – Above ground, Mounded & Underground.

Whenever monthly demand exceeds 3MT it is advisable to have bulk storage facility. The bulk storage vessels are called bullets. Large scale industries where huge consumption is required are the main users of Bulk Installations. The sizes of the tanks required are based on the peak consumption. LPG storage tanks are filled to 85% of the capacity to facilitate expansion. The remaining space is filled with vapor LPG. As the vapor is withdrawn from the tank the vapor pressure inside the tank falls and the liquid inside the tank boils producing more vapors and restoring the pressure. The liquid absorbs the heat required for boiling from the surface area of the tank. All the designs are as per the standard codes. The storage tanks are equipped with all standard accessories like Rochester gauge, Remote operated valves, Regulators, Excess flow check valves, Gauges, Instruments & controls etc.We undertake project execution on turnkey basis duly approved by CCOE (chief controller of explosives) & as per SMPV rules.

Our turn key Installation covers:

  • Preparation & approval of drawings
  • Supply & erection of tanks with complete standard accessories
  • Supply & Installation of Pumps, Vaporizers, Pipes & Pipe fittings etc
  • Supply & installation of Cathodic protection
  • Supply & installation of safety fire fighting equipments
  • Testing, painting & commissioning of the entire system
  • Third party inspection & liaison with department of explosives
  • Gas monitoring systems
  • Maintenance & inspection of the system

Gas One supplies LPG through extensive number of owned tankers and tie up tankers all over India.