Benefits from GAS ONE to Industrial Customers

LPG from GAS ONE is an ideal fuel source for many Industrial processes. Our Quality products combined with with our expert approach means we can provide energy solutions to meet you various demands.

Through cylinders by 21kg, 33kg LOT –VOT , 450kg

GASONE employs its technical, marketing and applications expertise, gained over long years of operation, to advise developing reliable, high-quality and customized LPG solutions. For any requirement from standard LPG heating processes to leading edge industrial applications, GASONE can provide the correct LPG or propane solution. The company is also proactive in sharing its expertise in application, safety and operations in LPG and propane supply systems during conception, construction and post-completion.

GAS ONE Sales team is highly trained and commited in understanding our customer needs.Their experience in LPG supply across industries will ensure your partnership with GAS ONE is a beneficial one.

Benefits with GAS ONE for Industries:

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Reliability of supply
  • A dedicated account management team
  • A commitment to safety and value
  • Tailored, cost-effective energy solutions
  • Free Safety Audits
  • Free Safety Trainings
  • LPG leakage detector Sensors.

To ensure safe delivery and correct operation of Bulk gas storage tanks and installations, GAS ONE follows a well-defined and comprehensive Pre-Delivery Inspection process before the first delivery to any installation. Subsequent checks are performed before LPG, is delivered to the customer installation.

Technical assistance in areas of storage, gas characteristics and usage optimization are provided to customers, consultants and gas installation contractors at every stage from inception of the project. Periodical safety audits, training of customer personnel in the areas of LP Gas use and regular feedback during deliveries are also part of the services offered.