VAPOR OFF TAKE System by GAS ONE – 21kg and 33kg

The Vaporized LPG is directly drawn from the cylinders with Natural Vaporization Process. This vaporized LPG is passed through the properly designed 1st Stage & 2nd Stage Pressure Reducing Station. This LPG VOT facility is normally recommended for Low utility consumption per hour of LPG.

Cylinders are connected to the Manifold system in series, where LPG is withdrawn from the cylinder and is discharged to the system for usage. The vaporized LPG is then passed through 1st Stage & 2nd Stage Pressure Reducing Station. This type of system is normally recommended for Low rate of consumption.

VOT systems are mostly used in hotels, restaurants, malls etc. We supply cost effective and energy efficient systems as per the requirement of the customers. LPG is the most preferred fuel as it is more economical and safe compared to other fuels. Has fewer emissions compared to other fuels & no particles or residue are left behind after combustion. Due to its clean burning fewer breakdowns so operational & maintenance cost can be lowered.

Advantages of Using GAS ONE VOT cylinders

  • Uninterrupted 24X7 Gas Supply Ensured
  • Free from Refill Booking & Reminders for Gas Cylinders
  • No floor damages by Rolling the Cylinders
  • No more Waiting to receive LPG Cylinder
  • 4 to 5 Square feet of Valuable Kitchen Space Saved
  • 100% safer LPG Supplied at Very lower pressure to Kitchen
  • Payment as per Actual Consumption
  • Saving of Time & Money
  • Secure from Unknown Delivery boys into the Kitchen